Poseidon Expeditions Kreuzfahrt Britische Inseln 2019
Britische Inseln / Britische Inseln / Legendäre Geschichte und wilde Natur

Britische Inseln

Legendäre Geschichte und wilde Natur

22 Mai - 03 Juni 2019


Plymouth (England)

Edinburgh (Schottland)

MS Sea Spirit

13 - Tage


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Day 1: Embarkation in Plymouth, England

Welcome to the port city of Plymouth in southwest England, where a rich maritime heritage sets the mood for the beginning of our exciting voyage. In the afternoon we welcome you aboard the luxury expedition ship M/V Sea Spirit. Explore the ship and get settled in your comfortable and spacious suite. Then join us on deck and feel the sense of adventure build as we slip our moorings and sail out of the historic harbor.

Day 2: Tresco, Scilly Isles, England

The Isles of Scilly is a group of small islands off the coast of Cornwall boasting mild weather, secluded beaches, enchanting wildlife and a relaxed lifestyle. On the lovely, sand-fringed island of Tresco, Bronze Age burial sites and romantic 17th-century castle ruins reveal a long and dramatic history. On the hallowed grounds of a Benedictine abbey we discover the exquisite Tresco Abbey Garden with its spectacular collection of more than 20,000 exotic plants from all corners of the world. Here we also find the Valhalla Museum, a collection of colorful figureheads salvaged from the islands’ shipwrecks. Delightful cafés and local shops enrich your experience even further.

Day 3-6: Ireland

With good weather and the permission of authorities, we plan to visit the Skellig Islands. These remote, uninhabited rocky islets off the southwestern coast of Ireland are a favorite breeding site for seabirds, including thousands of Atlantic puffins and a large colony of northern gannets. Other bird species breeding here include the European storm petrel, northern fulmar, Manx shearwater, black-legged kittiwake, common guillemot, and razorbill. The rich waters around the islands are home to whales, dolphins and seals. The island of Skellig Michael is also known for its well-preserved early Christian monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Dunmore East is a popular tourist and fishing village in County Waterford on Ireland’s southeastern coast. From here it is a short journey through scenic countryside to the House of Waterford Crystal. Here you can take a guided tour of the factory to see the master craftsmen at work as well as the world’s largest collection of their wares. Also nearby is Mount Congreve, a magnificent 18th-century Georgian estate and botanical gardens containing thousands of plant species on 70 acres of intensively planted woodland and a four-acre walled garden.

Day 7-8: Scotland

We explore beautiful and serene Iona, a small island in the Inner Hebrides just off the Isle of Mull in western Scotland. At the gorgeous Iona Abbey, founded in 563 AD, we are spellbound by one of Scotland’s most historic and sacred sites and indeed one of the oldest Christian religious centers in Western Europe. The adjacent graveyard is said to be the final resting place of numerous medieval kings, including Macbeth. In addition to its historical and religious significance, Iona is well known for its soul-soothing tranquility, white sand beaches and excellent birdwatching.

Day 9: Kirkwall, Orkney Islands

Upon arrival at the historic port of Kirkwall we embark on an overland tour of Mainland, the largest of the Orkney Islands off the northeastern coast of Scotland. Attractions such as the well-preserved 5000-year-old village site at Skara Brae and the ancient Ring of Brodgar within the UNESCO World Heritage Site “Heart of Neolithic Orkney” showcase the world-class cultural heritage of the island. Back in the charming village of Kirkwall we also find the impressive Saint Magnus Cathedral, built in the Romanesque style by Vikings in the 12th century.

Day 10-12: Shetland Islands

We visit the aptly named Fair Isle, one of the Shetland Islands in far northern Scotland. On this small, isolated patch of rolling moorlands and rugged coastlines, one is easily enchanted by historic crofts, picturesque lighthouses, and friendly locals. Here we also find the internationally renowned Fair Island Bird Observatory. The island is famous among birders for its abundance of British birds and for its numerous records of eastern rarities and migrants. Fair Isle is also one of Europe’s best places to watch seabirds, especially puffins, at close range. Additionally, the island is notable for the abundance and diversity of its wildflowers. Seals are also commonly seen in its bays. Finally, during our visit it will be possible to see and purchase articles hand-knitted in the intricate and distinctive style for which Fair Isle has been celebrated for hundreds of years.

Day 13: Disembarkation in Leith (Edinburgh), Scotland

After breakfast on board Sea Spirit we say farewell in Leith, Edinburgh’s vibrant port district. We provide transfers to the airport or to Edinburgh city center if you wish to spend more time in the wonderful capital of Scotland.

Im Expeditionspreis Inbegriffen:

  • Gruppentransfer zum Schiff am Tag der Einschiffung;
  • Unterbringung in der gebuchten Kabinenkategorie;
  • Alle Mahlzeiten an Bord während der Reise (FR/M/A);
  • 24-Stunden Tee- und Kaffeestation an Bord;
  • Alle geplanten Landgänge, Zodiacfahrten, Ausflüge lt. Programm (wetter- und eisabhängig);
  • Erfahrene Expeditionsleitung und Lektoren;
  • Leihweise Gummistiefel für die Landgänge;
  • Willkommens- und Abschiedscocktail;
  • Alle Hafengebühren;
  • Gruppentransfer zum Flughafen oder das Stadtzentrum nach der Ausschiffung;
  • Informationsmaterial vor der Reise;
  • Digitales Logbuch der Reise;

Nicht Im Expeditionspreis Inbegriffen:

  • Flug An- und Abreise;
  • Visum- oder Passgebühren (falls erforderlich);
  • Gepäck- und Reiserücktrittsversicherung (wird empfohlen);
  • Alkoholische und nicht-alkoholische Getränke einschließlich Kaffeespezialitäten;
  • Persönliche Ausgaben, beispielsweise für Wäscherei oder Kommunikationsdienstleistungen (Telefon, Fax, Email);
  • Trinkgelder.




Egal, ob Sie Anfänger oder fortgeschrittener Foto-Enthusiast sind, auf dieser Reise findet jeder Fotofreund das passende Motiv und unzählige Gelegenheiten für das perfekte Foto. Das im Reisepreis inbegriffene Fotografie Programm ermöglicht es Ihnen, neue Kenntnisse mit Hilfe unseres Expeditionsfotografen zu erlangen.

Zoomen Sie heraus oder verwenden Sie den Weitwinkel um dramatische Aufnahmen von weitläufigen Moorlandschaften und zerklüfteten Küstenlinien zu machen oder wählen Sie Makroaufnahmen, um die Schönheit von Blumen zu zeigen. Auch an der besonderen Kunst der Architekturfotografie werden Sie sich versuchen können.

Von historischen Denkmälern bis hin zu farbenfrohen Papageientauchern, die Sehenswürdigkeiten dieser Reise machen aus jedem einen Fotografen. Unser Experte wird Ihnen dabei helfen, das Beste aus Ihrer Kamera herauszuholen.





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